The guests must:

Use the electric equipment according to the safety rules and not allow their children to use it without proper supervision.

Not leave the electric equipment ON and unattended, not cover lamps or easily flammable equipment covered.

Not use heaters that are not for internal use without former agreement and supervision of management.

Dispose of the flammable waste only in the specially designed places.

Not make fire in the wood.

Only make fire on the specially arranged camp fire areas.

Keep their children under supervision while fishing or swimming.

Be responsible for their own food supplies.

Be respectful toward other guests and keep quiet after 22:00.

Insure that their children are under constant supervision.

Management is not responsible for any accidents happening when the guest is intoxicated.

Guests have to ensure that their kids understand that It is dangerous to feed or tease dogs.

Management has to ensure that all of the guests are familiar with rules of safety and fire safety and all of the general rules of the hunting grounds.