In a separate building, guests can enjoy:

rented cabin and its material values​​;

terrace and outdoor furniture

guest gazebo and its material values​​;

kitchen and it located utensils and equipment;

TV and audio equipment, if it does not interfere with another holiday.

On the estate, guests can enjoy:

sauna (for a fee);

campfire place (wood for a fee);

barbecue (wood for a fee);

sports facilities and sports equipment (free of charge for the person in charge)


Guests can swim in the pond and lake, at specified locations;

Sailing and fishing (for a fee);

pick berries and mushrooms in the woods, located around the estate.

Guests are required to:

Pay the full accommodation fee at the time of arrival

Be familiar with the rules of safe behavior, fire safety regulations and internal rules of behavior in the estate, and to comply with them;

If ordering additional paid services to pay for them out;

Not to disturb other guests after 22:00 pm;

If the guests of the hunting grounds are expecting other visitors the management has be informed in advance.

if guests leave before the agreed time the payment is not refundable.

It is prohibited to:

Smoke in the house/rooms

Make campfires not on the special campfire areas.

Have pets in the house without informing the management in advance

Move the inventory/furniture away from the house without former agreement with the management

The guests are responsible for:

The safety of the furniture and all of the equipment (if those are damaged or destroyed the value must be compensated by the guest)

Their own safety and the safety of their children (in case of injury caused by the behavior that contradicts the rules of safety management is not responcible for it)