Not far away from lake Naroch - the biggest and the most beautiful lake in Belarus, stands hunting grounds Abarmy. In the area that is famous for its picturesqueness Abramy is the best place for a peaceful retreat from the crazy rush hour in the city.

Clean air and beautiful forest only compliment crystal clear lakes with fishes of all kinds. A while back Abramy was just a small village of five households but now the hunting grounds in the middle of the national park ready to please all nature lovers. .

Accommodation and Dining

Surrounded by trees, well hidden from all of the urban noises, stand five houses ready to welcome a family, a group of friends or you and your colleagues. There are two bedrooms with double and two single beds, two restrooms, kitchen and a living room fully equipped to satisfy even the pickiest of guests.

Every house has a summer house where you can take you time and enjoy open air grilling and dining and there is a sauna on the shore to make the weekend truly traditional and unforgettable.

You can also enjoy our big summer kitchen where our chefs will introduce you to he dishes you have never tried before. Our agro tourism accommodation is happy to provide you with fresh vegetables (you can even choose them yourself) and eggs from a chicken coop, as well as fresh chicken, goose, or turkey meat.

Go traditional and choose our own home brewed traditional Russian alcoholic beverage Samogon.

Not only fishing!

Enjoy the lake right next to your house! We guarantee the fishermen that they won’t come home empty-handed, Abramy is famous for its lakes full of all types of fish (trout, carp, carp, grass carp, crucian carp, tench, pike) you can possibly imagine.

And if you want we will cook it right there for you or you will do it yourself in the summer house! All types of Summer houses are waiting for you and your family to come and have a weekend to remember!

You can also enjoy two saunas on the shore and if you want spend a night in a traditional tent.

Explore the forest

If you are the fan of mushrooms Abramy is the place to come on a weekend. If on the other hand you prefer berries you will be surprised to find all kinds of wild berries at your fingertips& If you are interested in hunting we have created perfect atmosphere for your hobby.

You can hunt alone or with the member of our professional staff, with or without specially trained dogs. And if you got lucky you can butcher your trophy in the specially equipped room.

Don’t forget to warn us about your plans for us to plan and find the best place for you. And if you are not from Belarus we will be happy to assist you with all the paperwork for your safe travel to Abramy.


To embrace the nature even more you can take a ride on the QUAD or a snowmobil in winter and enjoy the beauty of nature and see some of the most famous representatives of Russian wilderness.

You can also take a look at the famous Laikas (Eskimo dogs) and their puppies and even see a real wolf.


At your disposal any time not only QUADs and snowmobils but also bikes. You can always take a ride in the forest or around one of the famous lakes, go for a tour or just have a little adrenaline rush.


We have created the best playful and safe environment for our little visitors. Sandy beaches, safe shallow water, playground and of course the possibility to look at, touch and feed dears and many other animals at the mini-zoo.


Being here once makes you want to come back!