Except the fisherman only the mushroom picker will understand romanticism of fishing. 

At some o'clock completely to merge with the nature, to retire to a deserted place, to plunge into devstvenno pure landscape and thus to rejoice to small production – all this available only to mushroom pickers and fishermen.

And, if the first in searches of production have to go much and generally to look under feet, all delights of the surrounding nature are fully available to the fisherman sitting at the lake or the river.

It has time both to admire a landscape, and to philosophize in deserted silence, and to be glad to a small catch.

In ancient times fishing on an equal basis with hunting was considered as craft. Now fishing is a hobby, romanticism, a special way to restore the vital and spiritual potential of the person.

After all the person who needs food, will buy fish in shop, without troubling himself fishing.

And the true fisherman undertakes a rod to derive pleasure, joining the nature, for a while to merge with it and to feel its small part.

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